Daddy’s Home Review (8.3/10)

The other day, I watched Daddy’s Home with my family. I had an unbiased first opinion on it, and I did not know what to expect. I thought it would be a funny movie, as Will Ferrell was in it. Boy I was wrong. If I am to rate it on its comedy, it would like judging a dog on its ability to see color.

For a comedy, the plot was okay. But if it was a documentary, it would be great.
Actually, the only real problem it has is the karma that everyone gets. If there isn’t any sort of misfortune for comedy in a scene, it feels like a good movie. Except that if what i just said was added up, it would be a 30 second commercial for insurance. The motorcycle scene, the ending, the basketball scene, were some example of painful scenes

I don’t think the character development was very thick, it looks like everyone is basically a stereotype; stay at home mom, white dad, “Born to be Wild” . I think that they could of gotten another person to play the dad instead of Ferrel, wait… That’s the reason people are watching it. The child actors are good (for child actors) and the minor characters were great, it seems to be a bad choice of main characters, but a good movie in the long run

Overall, I give it a 8.3 out of 10 for it’s humor, flaws such as Will Ferrel’s roll, and its overall charm and cringe approach.


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