Katamari Damacy Review (9.3/10)

I was looking through my closet the other day for something to do, and I found my old PS2. I had a copy of Katamari Damacy in it. I hooked it up and started playing. It seems like a creative idea to roll a ball around, collecting things. I started a new game, as I forgot the controls, and decided to review it from the top down. The main storyline is for a little person (alien?) to roll things up into a ball, called a Katamari. When they are big enough, they are turned into stars. The problem is, there are too many big things, and almost no tiny objects. I would think I can roll up a soda bottle when you are the size of a full grown pumpkin, but instead, the Katamari decides to say no, causing you to bump into it and lose a lot of things. The controls are like trying to tell someone to move your left foot, and another person to move your right. You’d think if the left person stopped telling it to move, it would turn left. Instead, it goes right and gets you stuck into a cereal bowl or a rain gutter. Lets not be too harsh on it, since it was only a PS2 game. The lots of colors, objects and creative little kicks into it, makes it a good game. The gifts, collectibles, and getting bigger stars add on to the replay values, bringing me back every time. I decide that this game gets a 9.3/10, for its creative values, and replay-ability.


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