Miitomo Review (7.2/10)

Miitomo is the first Nintendo game social app on the iPhone. I really like this game. So much, that I am playing it right now. Bye!

1 day later…

I take it back

If you did not already know what Miitomo is, it is the first Nintendo app to be released on a mobile phone. It is basically like Tomodachi Life, but more like the demo. It has the same character creation (minus the new voice and personality interface), lacks the ability to make other characters do things, and NO FOOD!? The money system is the equivalent to a poverty simulation, unlike Tomodachi Life’s system where you would get 5$ every time you make contact with anything. I don’t have a twitter or a facebook account (yet) so I have to get people to play to make more than 90 cents a year. It doesn’t have much besides the great photo editor, and the questionable questions, yet I cannot get mad at Nintendo, It was their first shot at an Iphone game. I have to give it a 7.2 out of 10 due to its lack of… everything. I wish there was more than just taking photos…

this review is up for some review, as I need more time to finish it.


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