Amazing Frog? Review (9.5/10)

Video games have a goal; to entertain. Every toy has a goal; to be played with. Every frog has a goal; to fart. And a way to achieve all these goals, is to play the Amazing frog.

The Amazing frog is a fun little game that I highly recommend to people with gamepads or controllers for their pc. I play it with 2 people at a time, to balance out lag with fun. There isn’t really a goal or point to this game, but that doesn’t mean its boring. You can fling yourself around and try to find a way out of Swindon. I like going outside of the Swindon walls and looking for little easter eggs such as Swindon on sea, and the golden pug tomb. On the inside of Swindon, I like to drive around and make stunt jumps. I also try to use the cannon to find costumes on top of buildings. I wish that the costumes gave us POWERS! I really see some potential in this game, and that’s why I’m giving this game a 9.5/10.


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