Finding Nemo Review (8.9/10)

Does anybody remember Finding Nemo? Well I decided to re-watch it, as it was a favorite for me. There is a fish named Nemo and he gets taken by fishermen after going dangerously near, what they call, the boat (butt). Nemo’s caring father, Marlon, goes out on an adventure to save him. That’s basically what the movie is about. So now for the review!

This movie had a hint of comedy, such as baby sea turtles, sharks that don’t want to eat fish, and talking to whales. The plot is emotional, scary and exciting, and at some points made you start to tear up. This movie makes you think that it is all over for Marlon’s search for Nemo, but it isn’t. They always make it out alive, even though it almost seems impossible. Overall, this movie was exciting, upsetting at points and had awesome visuals.


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