Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review (9.8/10)

Hey there. If you don’t already know, this is the first Animal Crossing that I have played. This review is COMPLETELY unbiased. I also am the only one with the guts to play Animal Crossing. Dab won’t, Nooki won’t, but I will. With that on the table, lets begin the review.         Animal Crossing is a cute little game made for gamecube in 2002, and came along way. It had a total of 4 (5?) games, and 2 spin offs. I started on the latest one, New Leaf. The game opens with you waking up on a train, and meeting a cat named rover who asks you your name, and where your headed. After that, you get off the train into your town. You become mayor, and so on. Anyways, there’s a lot to do. You can catch fish, make a garden, go bug hunting, shopping, etc. The only problem is the time. The game’s clock greatly affects what happens in game. So much, that I have to jump 3 hours ahead to play it in the morning. And even then, I have almost no way of making money. around 3:00 pm, you will actually be able to play the game. I spend 90% of my time trying to upgrade my house, and make money buy selling everything I own. You can get 5000$ from selling fruits, around 5$ for bugs, and 7$ for fish. Is anything wrong here? Yes. The perfect fruits are EXTREMELY expensive, and takes me a while to collect them all. But for an hour of fishing, you will get 5000$-10000$ tops. for 20 minutes of fruiting, you get 8000$-20000$. I really like animal crossing, but the economy is a HUGE problem. otherwise, it has an overall charm, and a satisfaction to paying off debts and loans. I am going to give Animal Crossing: New Leaf a 8.6/10.


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