Problematic advertisement types


If you don’t know how advertising works, look somewhere else. But if you are an advertising agency, please read this.


  • Billboard ads

The reason behind this is that it won’t be able to get any people to actually see or view your project. Especially if you are putting it on a highway. Noone would be able to go the product’s website, and most people have other things to do than go to where you’re advertising.

  • Radio ads

It’s the same problem as the billboards. Everyone listens to the radio IN THEIR CAR. You will not get anyone to stop, pull up their phone, and look up your website.

  • Meme exploitation 

Just because you are trying to get the Internet on your side doesn’t mean you have to use a billion meme refrences. Occasionally, you should leave a pepe, or a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) here and there, but that should not be your main ad strategy.


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